upcoming Apple Watch may use Touch ID and under-screen technologies.

Apple has filed a patent with the title “Electronic device having sealed button biometric sensing system” reported by patentlyapple. According to the report, biometric authentication (fingerprint) may be used by the Apple Watch processor for any of many purposes, such as user identification, system unlocking, application authorisation or transaction authorisation. In some installations, the processor can also instruct the biometric sensor to capture a user’s biometric data. Examples of biometric characteristics include fingerprints and DNA.

There is also another patent filed by Apple with the title of ‘Electronic devices with two-stage display’ reported by Appleinsider. A future Apple Watch, iPhone, or any Apple screen display can contain a camera and a camera flash that is only visible externally when needed.

The only thing that stops a wrist-worn video communicator popularised by a significant amount of entertainment from the Apple Watch is that it lacks a camera. Apple may have now solved that, however with a newly-granted patent that in part explains embedding a camera and flash inside a display.

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