Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaners Launched in India

Trifo Max home surveillance camera robot vacuum cleaners have been launched in India, with rates starting at Rs. 32,900. Trifo is a robust and smart device that cleans every part of your home. Trifo introduces the Home Surveillance Robot Cleaner with good suction capability based on the AI home robot business. A water tank and ten mopping pads come in the series, enabling users to mop the floor while sweeping.

“Trifo is dedicated to creating home robots that help people achieve a better balance of family, work and personal life. Apart from its powerful cleaning capability and advanced vision navigation system, the Max series is a security device that can detect movement and sound, thereby keeping homes clean and safe,” said Zhe Zhang, Founder and CEO of Trifo.

The most powerful of the two models released was the Trifo Max robot vacuum cleaner. The Trifo Max , priced at Rs. 36,900, has a rated suction power of 4,000pa, and a unique feature that not too many devices, using the navigation camera, can claim to have robotic surveillance.

At the top, there are two buttons that can be used to monitor power, or to order the Trifo Max Pet to begin and stop cleaning, or to go to its dock. Under the lid there is an additional Reset button, along with a USB Type-A port that can interestingly be used to charge other devices via the 5,200mAh battery of the robot.

For navigation and surveillance, the Max Pet has a single camera at the top, as well as a speaker and microphone for operational voice prompts, as well as two-way communication while using the app.

The Trifo Max Pet has a single spinning brush for sweeping, which moves dirt and particles into the vacuum field, and then sucks it in.

Max and Max Pet will connect with users, whether they are at home or away, through the Wi-Fi enabled Trifo Home App.

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