Panasonic launches 55-inch transparent OLED TV

The first transparent OLED display that was initially introduced at the IFA 2019 tech event was launched by Panasonic. Transparency and high contrast are also provided by the 55-inch see-through OLED display module.

The TP-55ZT110 and TP-55ZT100 from Panasonic are both developed by LG Display and feature a 55-inch OLED screen. They also come with a 1920 x 1080px FHD resolution and weigh only 1.75 kg. It has a functioning temperature range of between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius. The TP-55ZT110’s back panel offers a dimming unit built independently by Panasonic to provide a “Black Mode” for the display.

“As the display panel is see-through, objects behind it are still visible allowing a variety of image presentations such as display of images over actual objects in the background. With such a unique feature, the transparent OLED display is attracting a great deal of attention as a next-generation visual display device capable of enhancing the value of spaces,” Panasonic said in a press release.

Panasonic also offers the product in various modular configurations to allow versatile installation, including commercial complexes, transit ads and public facilities, not only in homes but also in various other places.

Starting from the Japanese and Asian-Oceania markets, including Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the company plans to release it globally at the beginning of December 2020.

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